So, we went for a little trip out to Sandiego and hit all the best spots that we know of, Blacks, Trestles, OB.......... and the waves were good, really really good, but the one major difference was that for every wave that came through, there were always 15 people going for it. It seriously looked like a bunch of hungry dogs going for the last scrap of food on earth. In a 3 hour session I think I only scored about 12 waves and I was cut off on more than one occasion. I think that us east coasters take for granted the lack of crowds that we have here. It's true that we don't get the same types of swells or as frequent surf as the west coast (or any Pacific Ocean spots) and our water does get ALOT colder than theirs, but it's definitely nice to come home to some decent waves that are UNCROWDED. Even when OC breaks seeem crowded, they're really not. Just imagine adding 10 more people going for every wave that you try to score and that's what it's like out west. This was my 7th time out and I think that the crowd factor was the worst this time by far. Anyway, not sure what I'm trying to get out of this but next time you're out and you see a decent wave coming in and you look around and it's just you and your bros, just remember that we're lucky