I recently received a transmission from a non earth celestrial body that you might be interested in. It reads as follows:

Greetings earthlings! During the last cyclonic episode that occurred in the eastern quadrant of the liquid filled depression running north to south for approximately 20,000 quarsacks. I was picking up negative energy from several life forms that I encountered floating in the primordial soup you call an ocean. For my part I was doing just as I was taught back at home and slithered among the earthlings and attempted to take my fair share of the rhythmic pulses. All in all I behaved as I would on any starlit day on millenniatide (my home planet) and gave little thought to anything but my own enjoyment, which is my right correct? Well to make a long story short I was vibed. Because of this Vibing you must not attempt to visit millenniatide in the near future because you shall be vibed big time.

Sorry I got out of character near the end but I was getting bored with my story, lol.