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    New boards for us Right Coasters- the man is back!!!!

    Tommy Moore is back on the East Coast. TMoore shapes is back and boards are being made now here in VB. Tommy Moore is one of the best high performance and grovel board shaper in the US, not just my opinion, Matt Biolos hired him . Tommy is now back where he grew up and shaping under his label again TMoore Shapes. Its so great to be able to work with one of best board shaper/builders in the States. You are crazy to go buy a board off the rack somewhere, for what you would pay for a mass produced Channel Islands or ...lost you could get the same type of cutting edge shape board shaped from one of the best. Build quality is sick, check out my new board. I just paid for two more after this one!

    <br /><br />The man and my fresh new 6'-0\"<br /> <br />Tommy and my board by jblacks, on Flickr\"]<br /><br />Hit me up via PM I have his personal cell number I am not sure if he wants that just floating around the world wide web.
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