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    6 Dollar gas = Empty Lineups?

    Will you still drive over an hour to the beach if/when gas goes to 6 dollars, plus?

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    Obama Care will give me a ride....

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    Obama will pay for my gas

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    And he will make artificial reefs and make clean waves 5-8 every day every tide.

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    US economy can't handle $4+ gas.

    The real risk to loss of accessible gasoline for most US drivers is production shut-in leading to physical shortages. Government will respond with rationing. This production shut-in is due to the fact that oil extraction costs worldwide are relentlessly increasing. This is because, as with all resources extracted from the earth's crust, humans will always take the easiest-to-get and highest quality resources first. It costs more today to produce oil than yesterday and will cost even more tomorrow. This trend is indisputable and has been going on since Spindletop peaked (and arguable all the way back to Titusville, PA). Our industrial civilization is is reaching the point now where oil consumers (businesses, individual car drivers, etc.) can't afford to pay the oil producing enterprises what they need to cover their costs to get finished petroleum products to market.

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    I'm going to buy a horse.

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    Just take the Gulfstream, man. C'mon $3000 suit!

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    [QUOTE=xgen70;140987]Will you still drive over an hour to the beach if/when gas goes to 6 dollars, plus?[/QUOTE
    Yeah, I would, while the money holds out...but I'm hoping others would not, so the lineups would be a little less packed.
    And there's a good chance gas will go that high.

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    I train it - boom roasted

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    hell yeah im still driving my pick up to the beach lol...