The "coolest thing you've seen" thread made me think about this but i didn't want to ruin the vibe of that thread with this post. Anyways....

Last weekend the wife and I were driving to Sullivan's Island around 12pm from Folly Road. She was driving and all of a sudden this guy came screaming up on a motorcycle, tailgated us for a second then swerved around to the next group of cars. She was just about done talking about how much of an idiot he was when he pulled the same manuever of tailgating in the right lane and swerving into the left lane to pass the car. Unfortunately, this one wasn't as successful. I heard her gasp then looked up in time to see the guy followed by his bike flying over a mustang. Like upside down flying.

We pull over and I jumped out to see what I could do (I realized I didn't know what in the world I could have done other than apply pressure or tell him to stay still). He was on his back, bloody and banged (living) up but all together not as bad as I imagined. He seemed conscious and was trying to roll over. I told him to stay still and about the same time two off duty EMTs showed up and took control. We cleared out and called the police to offer a statement if necessary.

What pisses me off about this is that it was totally avoidable. First of all, he was driving erratically and much to fast. Secondly, he was wearing shorts, t-shirt, sandals and NO HELMET! I honestly believe he would have been walking and talking had he been wearing the correct gear.

SC is adopting all these rules limiting what you can and can't do these days with banning smoking in restraunts and drinking on the beaches but you can still ride a motorcycle without a helmet. This is a whole other story though.

The moral of the story is, if nothing else, wear a helmet.