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    CI 7' Merrick M13 tuflite for sale - $550

    M13 in great shape for sale, asking $550 with fins. No dings or chips. Deck is in great shape. 7' x 21" x 2 3/4". Located in NYC, but happy to check out shipping via Greyhound or UPS. Buyer bears shipping cost which would be between $70 and $90. Link with specs and description below:

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    hi there,
    wanted to know if this add is still relevent.
    if so please reply

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    Still is.. Only difference is that I moved to LA so that's where the board is now and you'll have to consider shipping from there instead. Are you in the US or Israel? I'm not sure how cost effective INTL shipping would be.

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    Is the board still for sale?
    If so is it possible to see recent pics?
    and also what are you asking for it now?

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    Where are you located? I'm in LA now. PM me and we can work out a number.