I have a couple years experience in surfing and recently moved to the gulf of Florida around Sarasota/Venice area. When the waves are good here, there aren't usually many people at the spots I hit. I don't have a lot of experience surfing these beach-breaks. The problem I have is, the waves break at so many different spots and I'm wondering how far out I should be on these? I enjoy any wave size (quantity over quality for me) - I just like to have fun. It seems like I can't really gauge where I should be catching most of the good ones because I seem to just get thrown over the falls half the time (I'm guessing because of the occasional closeout). Even when I'm like 'oh okay I'll just paddle a little further out' and the same crap happens. Am I just reading the waves wrong or am I missing something? I just want to get the most fun out of my sessions but getting a little frustrated on the Gulf.