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Thread: Gulf Coast Woes

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    Sunset was pretty dam good yesterday. Swellinfo bumped the forecast up from waist to chest high and they were right on. Got there at 8 am and it was shoulder high with some punch for once. A few storms came through and it would glass off after. I left for lunch when it got hard onshore for a bit but when I got back at noon it was still good as hell for around here. The wind had quit and it was semi glassy and actually a ground swell. Were you surfing or SUPin DawnPatrol? I saw 3 ppl riding SUP and surprisingly they stayed away from the crowd and riding between middle jetty and chateau, thanks for the courtesy SUPers. Anyway one of these days I will tell you what I'm driving or whatever so we can meet DawnPatrol. Thanks for the super accurate forecast Swellinfo, you came through again! OP, living here be prepared to be Woed like never before. Actually around here you live the Woe Lyfe. Stick with it, like everyone said, if you can surf this coast, you can surf anywhere. Ask Matty Lopez who was busting airs like mad yesterday at sunset. See all the action from yesterday at
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