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Thread: Bing Puck

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    Bing is my favorite board company... A local shaper/friend shaped a 5'7 Dharma for me (couldn't choose between the 5'6 and 5'8 haha), and its amazing. Works in everything. Just make sure you don't go too big and you can't go wrong with any of there stuff.
    I'm 6'0 and around 155

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitchell View Post
    It will do more than bridge a will freak you out how much fun you can have on a knee - thigh high day. I've never ridden the Puck, but looking at that shape on Bing's website, and having two mini sims myself, the Puck will catch ANYTHING you would care to paddle into, and go faster than you thought possible on a clean wave with a two foot face. These things get up on a plane but are small enought to be pumped. Best fin setup i have found for the board above in small waves is quad fins, with really small back fins and smallish front fins.

    My two cents is if you plan on waist high and under, dont get one with glassed in keels. My other Mini Simmons that i've had for two years is a twinnie and it felt like way too much fin (with the Rasta Keels) for doing quick little turns on small waves, but luckily i have boxes and quickly replaced the keels with little upright fins.
    I think you sold me on this thing, Mitchell. I like that it's a quad too and not a twin.....and the smaller the better, want it like a skateboard. Thanks man, appreciate it.

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    puck is most assuredly a quad & billed as a more high performance simmons design. the shape & dimensions of the puck & mini simmons are identical, the only difference is in the fin set up.
    i found that i had to do a bit of experimenting w/ fin combos to really get the thing to light up for me. i ended up sticking w/ pg-7 fins up front w/ pc-3 fins in the back.
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    Bing Dharma 6'
    Just bought it, but had it out in head high closeouts with Nadine and knee high mush fun easy board to ride. I may get a Pea for winter. the Dharma is great addition to the quiver