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    thanks guys, all these are great, a life saver! I've come up with a topic with all yours combined but dont wanna say it because of the site we have to turn it in to checks if it came exactly from the internet somewhere haha. I really appreciate it!

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    Write it about what some surfers owe other surfers; there seems to have been some confusion lately.

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    Every surfer out there owes me 1 ride on there brand new board a free win in paddle battle and a beer if you fail to comply your a kook Benny.... Not a real surferdude you can direct quote that in your paper if you want call me
    Goodluck man!

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    I forgot what to say you should call me haha sorry the concussion is ****ing with me call me entitled surfer that is more aggro than everybody else and a super cool tough guy on the internet who lives with his mother and somehow gets mad chicks bro...... Haha just playing

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    While searching for some source to help start my research process I came across this website DegreePeer it helps one to jump start on their research process. It features papers and presentations shared by their users. And the best thing is that they also allow users to ask questions that other users answer. Now that's something that would surely help me get on with my research.
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    There have been some articles about artificial reefs built for surfing and environmental purposes. I'm not sure if they have been successful as surf spots or good environments for marine life. I'm sure the proponents thought they would have an economic benefit as well. It would be a good topic for the length of your paper.