A friend of mine has this board that he is interested in selling. I'm interested in finding out if it's real and how much it's worth. I know that "da-cat's" were replicated by another company, but wondered if I should be worried about it with other greg noll boards.
My friend said that his uncle gave it to him and he had bought it in the 60's.
I didn't measure how tall it is, but it's around 9', has yellow stripes and a green strip. The paint looks to be on top of the board, not under the resin. The green strip looks to be added later, maybe covering a ding. I didn't notice any writing on the board. No numbers and no sigs. It looks to be a 1960ish board based on the type of logo it has. It has several rail dings on the sides. Should this be restored? What do you think it's worth? I might be interested in buying it from him, but want to give him a fair price (if I can afford it). Do you have any thoughts on who might know more about it?
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