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shes from jersey originally. my base salary would be $42k plus overtime and shift differential. shes more worried about leaving her family so far behind (still has the 5 hour drive safety net here). i just think there is more potential out there. i have a degree in criminal justice/work for the govt. and she has one in public relations/currently doing a sales job.

i mean honestly she really doesnt see them that often...maybe 3 times this past year since we have moved down here. we shall see if i get the offer.
Man, you may want to look into cost of living indices and compare that with your projected net income. $42k sounds a little tight for SoCal, even in both your salaries combined are closer to $100k. Don't forget significantly higher state taxes as well. I just hate seeing people make moves for "more pay" that actually end up hurting their bottom line.

To the OP: a carpool is a great idea. I would surely be looking for folks to carpool with if I was in your situation and I hope you find some.

As far as the argument regarding who lives in what proximity to the beach, blah, blah, blah: I live 15 minutes from WB and CB and haven't surfed once since I got back from surfing the Lesley swell in PR. Been busy as all get-out between work, projects around the house and a ton of orders for custom woodworking thingymehbobbers from my "hobby" wood shop that is more like a full-fledged part-time job at the moment. Of course, the lack of a decent swell has made it a little easier to not over-think it--lest I go insane. Anyway, what I'm saying is that sometimes it doesn't really matter how far away you live....

Live Aloha: Wishing you and your wife and your soon to be child a healthy delivery. I don't have kids but I can imagine how stressful that situation can be.