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    Going to San Fran

    Going for 2 weeks in June. Not bringing anything but some clothes, wetsuits, and a camera. Have some options on places to stay but none are surfers so they wouldn't be able to give the best local advice. Planning on traveling to whatever spots possible as far as possible up the coast possibly up to oregon. Need advice on how to go about this, got the plane ticket already. best way to travel, any couch subletting programs, best spots for solitude and waist to chest glass.

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    oh and nature **** yea good nature spots

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    I was in SF last week and went south to surf instead of north. If you're looking for solitude you won't find it that direction, except for some unnamed and unspectacular beach breaks along Highway 1. But if you go to Santa Cruz—as I did—you'll find near-perfect waves and an awesome place to hang out. Check out Airbnb for rooms. It gets crowded, sure, but the town is full of solid breaks; even on the weekend, I was able to get more than my fair share of waves.

    If you're going outside of SF, a rental car is the only way to get around.

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    trying to explore mendincino county