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Thread: Maldives quiver

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    Maldives quiver

    I plan on making a trip out to the maldives sometime in May of 2013. However, my bigger wave board is gone now and money will be tight after the year of college. All i have left for this trip now is a 5'10 CI fred rubble and a custom 5'9 x 19 3/8" x 2 3/8". It has a single to double concave with some vee out the back but overall is a little wider in the nose and tail. Will these boards hold up and perform well or do you think they'll be too small and I'll need to get another board?

    Thanks for your time everyone

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    What was your bigger wave board? Should be pumping then. How big can u surf the rubble?

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    My other board was a CI rookie. I can ride the Fred rubble in the 2-3 ft overhead range.
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  4. If you are staying up in the Male atoll those 2 boards should be fine, pushing it but fine. If you are heading to the southern atolls that pick up more swell you will need bigger boards.
    Are you doing a boat trip or staying at Pasta Point?

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    as mentioned, those 2 boards should be fine. when i went in august 2010, i took a 6'4" fort knox & a 6'6"x19 1/4"x2 5'8" wynn. i rode the fort knox nearly the whole time, until i put my elbow into the rail on the morning of our last day. there was one bigger day when i could've used a step up of some kind, though.
    you're gonna be stoked, though! it was such an amazing trip...wish i could go back!

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    I'm really stoked for this trip. I've heard so many incredible things. I'll be surfing the male atolls and doing (hopefully) a two week charter boat. Although I think I'll be ok with these boards, I'm considering selling the fred rubble considering its nearly brand new and getting a Wynn done. I have a hard time with short boards because I want just a touch more volume and float. Really late drop-ins aren't me thing.
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    If you are only going to bring two you could bring your FR, a better wave board like the Rookie, semipro, dfr, deep six, or proton, and if you want to cram another in I would go with a step up. Something for a curvy wave. I am gearing up for my bali quiver as well at the same time. Got two boards at the glassers right now that are possible candidates.

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    I should be going in may too. Biggest board ill bring is a 5'7

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    what shape lefty?

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    yeah.. what shape? I'm really curious. I think i'm bringing my custom, i love it so much and I've used it in hollow head high to 1+ OH before then probably picking up another custom from wynn for the bigger days and selling the fred rubble.

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