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    Jellyfish in Monmouth County today

    Let me start this by saying I'm not particularly afraid of jellyfish. In fact I love going out at night when the moon jellies are around. And they don't bother me during the day, they are small, and don't even have any noticeable tentacles.
    However today where I was surfing in monmouth county this morning, no problems all morning, some other guys out who eventually went home and then it was just me. it got near high tide. I felt something weird on my hand while paddling, felt like I hit a bag in the water. Then another. Didn't think much of it. Then I'm sitting on my board, and something noticably bangs into my nuts through the suit. Look down and there's a jelly fish. Kind of skeeved but keep moving. Next I go to take a wave and go to pop up, and who's hanging out on my board? Mr. Jellyfish the surfer, right where I need to put my foot. I soon realized these things were everywhere.
    Most about 5-6 inches wide.
    I'm not sure if they stung or not, as I don't believe I hit any tentacles with my bare skin. I didn't stick around to find out.
    They were whitish clear, with this purple/brownish ring on them.
    Anyone know what they were?
    Were they just big moon jellys? Either way, feeling my hands bounce off them every paddle, having them bouncing off my board and genitalia region, and feeling tentacles around my suit was enough to get me out of the water the next wave in.
    I've been out plenty of times with jellyfish, but never anything like that.

    Looked up canonball jellies, that wasn't them
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