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See that's the problem with a two party system. You have to choose between one set of crooks and another set of crooks. If enough people voted for a third party candidate, it would force the other parties to address the issues, rather than do the he said she said routine. I don't think either candidate has my best interests at heart so I won't vote for either one. Ron Paul for President!

(PS - I agree that Ron Paul's foreign policy views are pretty loco, but at least he doesn't view the Constitution as presidential toilet paper.)
Completely agree that having a legit 3 party system would be a huge improvement. It would require each party to evolve and improve rather than just being stagnant and trying to be the antithesis of the other.

But why don't you agree with Ron Paul's foreign policy? 'Non-Interventionism' seems like a pretty good idea.... I just wiki'd it so maybe I'm missing something about it being pretty 'loco.'