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    North Side Inlet.

    Lately it feels like the north side just isn't what it was, don't know if I am just going at the wrong time or if the sand pumping has just screwed it all up

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    IMO its breaking about as good as it ever does any more based on about 5 sessions in the last few weeks....low tide is key.

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    ya low tide is key. also a long period swell is generally going to be better there then a real short period wind swell.

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    I think the cove is about the only good thing north side has to offer and even that is inconsistent...

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    north side iri probably had some of the most fun waves ive surfed in a while on president's day monday especially in the morning.. til that random storm came around 5

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    With the right size and angle, that left is the best. You can have the crowded peak,..for that to fold over, no one will really be out anyway, so i guess I would take both.

    What we need but have not seen for years is a big ass gale to sit and stall off the coast at a medium-close distance, for a number of days. If you have ever seen it with size you know it could handle Double OH, and more off the main peak. Of course getting out to it would be another story, unless the period was just right, at least by way of paddle out.

    Either way,........ At that size, I still think the LEFT is better. At least it goes Hollow. For the main peak to go Hollow and maintain the line would be crazy.

    Such a shame that we actually have a real big wave spot right here on Delmarva, but never any big waves to fill into it.