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    Quote Originally Posted by oipaul View Post
    except for the 100+ people in the water...
    89 of them couldn't catch waves. I caught waves all day long with no issues other than current until 4:30 then made the journey across the bridge for the opening!

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    "89 of them couldn't catch waves." How very true..

    man I even had one of the worst hangovers that I could remember, from the night before, from what I dare not mention . Anyway, still made the paddle out and got waves and Pictures. But by the end I was toast. Feeling like a big Pile of Poop, which in turn made me MISS That Opening! That you spoke about.

    Man I felt stupid, really do not know what I was thinking the night before.

    For the young ones out there,...if a big swell is going to happen, it is never worth missing it over Drink or Drugs>>>>>>>period. Do not waste your time, it is not worth it, in so many ways. Hollow pits are the only thing that you should be focused on.

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    Ernesto, for me, was one of the greatest experiences. The surf was unbelievable, and although there were 100+ people in the water, everyone was considerate and stoked to share the experience.

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    North side during Ernesto (from the Swellinfo photo gallery):

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    haha ernesto.....too many kooks at n side.,....sat on the beach and watched fools get worked and smoked an L with a bunch of the crew.....go ss!