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    you'd think with the learned patience that comes from surfing would also come some patience with the waves. We do live on the east coast after all

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    Will burning short boards help bring waves? is there a more environmentally way to bring us these waves. how about just pissing on your best friends board that should help.

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    Back in the day we used to make ski sacrifices.....(but the skis had maple cores)....
    There has got to ritual we can make happen without some tree hugger calling the cops.........
    Maybe burn some sort of plant? Hmmmmmm
    Any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by idsmashh View Post
    That's not true.. I'd be happy if it were average. It's just been a well below average October so far.. So I'm unhappy. If nows not a good time to be unhappy about the waves then when can we be?? Or do we always have to be happy?
    yes, it's been flat for all of october...all 7 days of it. i'm not happy about it either, but i'm trying very hard to keep some perspective...september was fun & we had about 2 weeks worth of consistent, fun surf. i'd be thrilled if october decided to get it's ass in gear & produce some swell, but i'm trying to keep reminding myself that it's "only" been a week or so w/out waves, not 3 or 4 weeks...
    & i'm not saying anyone doesn't have the right to be unhappy, but everyone running around *****ing about how crappy the surf's been needs a dose of perspective. fall JUST started...if november rolls around & we haven't gotten any really good, bust-out-the-pintails-&-hold on-to-your-nuts type surf, then i will be right there w/ you complaining about a sub-par fall season.

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    I caught some waves two days ago in jersey. Nice log waves. Had some fun with all the other longboarders that were surfing, instead of complaining about their being no waves.