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Thread: dane reynolds

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    Quote Originally Posted by GnarActually View Post
    clay marzo is irrelevant
    While I wouldn't put him on D.Reynolds level, why is he irrelevant?

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    Dane is a great surfer but Wow what a corporate w h or e. Keep pertending your against the system but keep slapping those corporate stickers on your board w h or e.

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    I don't think he as the attention span to be on tour. He wants to wander around filming... nothing really... with his retro camera and load it to that hipster bible known as marine layer productions. I don't even think the page loads right on my non-apple computer, because I'm definitely missing something.

    I saw a great article in the BIG issue of Surfer Mag about a trip to Japan to score epic tsunami surf with Dane, John John, shane dorian, and others. The whole time Dane just moped around and took instagram pictures. It was to the point where the author was even making sarcastic remarks about him.

    Do I think he rips, yes, do I give a sh*t about his hipster agenda? only in the since that it makes me angry.