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    I am very familiar with the snowboard construction, but again I hated the feel under arm and would much rather go with a more customizable platform. Dont like the shapes to begin with..and once again this is just my narrow minded opinion

    We shall see as only time will tell...

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    I was lucky enough to score one of these boards off a friend of mine in CR. At first glance they look pretty awesome. The honeycomb tech and silver, shiny carbon fiber rails and concave deck are all good ideas. This board is basically indestructable, however, the glassing can be penetrated. The great thing about their honeycomb basalt tech is that it is not foam and will not suck up water when the glass is compromised. I surfed the board a handful of times and personally i felt it to be way to heavy and not enough concave thru the center of the board. This was the VERT 5'8" model. I have since used the board for strapless kitesurfing and love it. The concave deck, divit rails and durability are all great for kiting and because im not paddling or relying on the board for power the extra weight doesnt bother me. The only problem ive found other than the weight issue is the finboxes. Libtech went with some new fin system that imo sucks. Ive busted both fin boxes out and while the board doesnt suck up water it still exposes a huge hole on the bottom of the board. They can be fixed with regular epoxy resin so not a huge deal. Overall I compare them to Coil Industries boards but slightly heavier, more durability but less surf performance and ****ty fin boxes.

    Ps. met the guy running LibTech and like others have said he is a VERY intelligent man and im sure he will have all the problems with these boards worked out asap. I would keep an eye on this company and maybe a year or 2 from now grab a board.