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    Quote Originally Posted by LBCrew View Post
    Wow... I'm really being put under the microscope here...

    I think this discussion is an important one, and I have an opinion, like everybody else. When I watch the video I see a few things... First, it doesn't look like a child to me. So if age is the issue here, and it seems to be for you and a lot of others. Let me make it clear AGAIN... I do not condone violence against children.

    Second... this "violence" everybody's referring to is questionable to me. When I look at the video, it appears as though no physical contact is made between the two people. Not even a shove. It looks to me like one guy basically falls onto the other guys board, at pretty much zero miles per hour. This is not something I would consider a "violent act." And if you make the stretch to this being an act of violence, you're creating a slippery slope... is dropping in an act of violence? Spraying somebody on a turn? Grabbing somebody's rail? NOTHING HAPPENED. NOBODY GOT HURT. Don't you need to show "damages" in order to press charges? I don't know... these are questions I'm asking.

    Third... as others have said, and I agree, it could easily be argued that this was an accident. If I just watched the video, and didn't here any explanation or commentary, I'd say this looked like a guy falling over at the end of a ride onto another guys board.

    Yes... I'm a high school principal... though "illustrious" is not a term I'd use to describe my career! And yes... bad things could and SHOULD happen if I did something inappropriate to a child. Don't you think I know this? I'll bet if I was a plumber, people wouldn't be giving me so much heat. But because I've decided to dedicate my career to helping kids... kids who most people have written off (including some of their own parents, if you can believe that)... I'm being put in the spotlight. Kinda ironic...
    Thanks for that explanation. The only reason I'm putting you under the microscopic spotlight is because you've got a high klout score on here and I think a lot of people in this 'community' respect your opinions - I know I do. Peace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DawnPatrolSUP View Post
    How does your buddy feel about that situation? Would he do it again or would he do it differently if given the chance? Does he say it was worth the jail time to drop that dude? (assuming he dropped him)
    DPS, I doubt its a real story. Its just too convenient of a write up to have actually happened.

    I have to admit that I went back and forth on this subject... not on if I would do it again. but if it was the right or wrong thing to do.
    Im mixed on it. It was wrong for the obvious reason that I might have gotten injured.... def. not worth it.
    But it was right in that this kid is part of a group that blatantly disreguards the etiquette of surfing at anyone else's peril. So what, we collided. He took his act to a different beach, and when he finally paddled back over an hour or so later, he wasnt dropping in on people.

    Its funny how the most aggressive and confrontation responderes to this post are the people saying that dropping in is just part of surfing. I have a news flash... its not right and if you have an opportunity to correct it, take it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MFitz73 View Post
    DPS, I doubt its a real story. Its just too convenient of a write up to have actually happened.
    Possibly, true or not, I ask the question only because his bud may actually feel it was worth it, in which case, who cares if he went to jail right. If you don't mind being locked up for a short period of time and going to court, then popping the loud mouth in the jaw was worth it to him. I know there are those that would say it's never worth it, but i know others who would argue that it is worth it.

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    Just because it's not on youtube doesn't mean it's not true Fitzy . It wasn't the first time he had got into it with people. He said it was a dumb thing to do, but I think it's only because he got caught and actually had to pay ( he has sought conflict since so ??? ) . He didn't "do time" just overnight in county.

    I've been surfing since '79 Fitz... all over ... you don't think I've seen true localism , fights, vandalism.. Pffff...
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    To each his own, but it would take something pretty serious for me to jump into another guy who dropped in on me. Your mad because he put you in a bad position, so to counter that, you go ahead and put yourself in one..? What happens if that kid/dude/guy/whatever actually got hurt somehow? What if you did? I don't know, just doesn't seem worth it on a loggin' day to potentially make things way worse. Treat those how you wish to be treated. meh.
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  6. You suck and he did you a favor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cresto4 View Post
    Thanks for that explanation. The only reason I'm putting you under the microscopic spotlight is because you've got a high klout score on here and I think a lot of people in this 'community' respect your opinions - I know I do. Peace.
    No damages or physical touching is required for assault. It is just an act verbal or physical that would put a reasonable person in apprehension of imminent physical harm. Low standard, kind of a b/s law.

    No damages are needed for battery. That is just a volitional or intentional act to cause harmful or offensive contact. For example, spitting on someone could be deemed battery.

    The point is, be careful. Even acts that seem harmless are prosecutable under the law.

    Where I surf, it is often crowded and the groms and others cuss at people and drop in on them all the time. A simple "F Off" usually corrects the problem, but I have also seen it escalate to fisticuffs.

    Great post btw. I bet you didn't expect such a reaction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by travy View Post
    you know what stresses me out? people who repeatedly ignore the rules of the lineup. are you one of those free love surfers who drop in on people with a smile on their faces then can't believe anyone would get mad over a wave and we should all just chill and get along? screw that. follow the rules or get regulated. it's the only thing that keeps the lineup from turning to total chaos and more regulars should speak up when people get out of line.

    again, we should all be very cautious about physical confrontation but there are other ways to handle this and just ignoring it and smiling is the worst thing you can do.
    No, I obsess over refining my etiquette the entire time I am surfing, and please do not lump me into a category I am an individual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MFitz73 View Post
    but I have to say I damn near lost my composer
    I, for one, really hate it when Vivaldi decides to play hide and seek in the dunes . . .

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    What the world is wrong with him? People need to learn respect!