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    I posted some pictures of Southside that seemed to ruffle some feathers of some loose chickens! Well Dudes, chill out. I have been surfing that place a long time. I have put many years in @ dumps on a sponge and surfboard. Here is the bottom line, when it's on, the rippas will get it! Got it? Area 51? It will be dumps forever! EVERYONE FROM MAINE TO FL knows of dumps.Everyone on the coast who surfs has whatched MIA and knows how it goes. And do you know why they don't come to Southside? Because it blows! Locals love it because it's a little-uncrowded rush of blood close-out. I will get on a sponge and still pull in dk-standup-or prone, and it's still the same rush. But I don't as much because I am over it. I like quality lines and relaxed surfing alot more. I think it is still cool to look down at dumps and see Joel T, Tim T & Brian S pulling in to heeving pits. Chuck W, Still gets deeper and more critical then when he was 25. But, IT IS NOT A SECRET. I posted pictures that have an "edge" of Art. And because I am a practicing Artist, I believe the forum needs some shots that come from different perspectives (artists). That's what I do, show different perspectives in my photos, or my friends Select Shots. So you little kiddies who think I am putting South Side on the map...IT IS ALREADY ON THE MAP, and it's been on the map since the late 70's. Everybody checks it all the time and you know what they say when they get back in there car and drive down the road, "This place blows!" And to those who try to re-name it, ie: THE SHRINE (original) or AREA 51...IT IS STILL DUMPS. Hey Remember the wave Josh Coffield caught at dumps about 10 years ago that went ape? Those were the days! Or the slab that Tim T was bombing and took out a surfer at the knees?
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