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    Cool Thinking about going to Puerto Rico or are coming to the Rincon area...READ THIS!

    Hello everyone. I am moving down to Rincon with a buddy who already lives there every year all year besides summer. I am going to try and find a job in a restuarant/bar or hopefully even better one of the hotel/resorts. But I will be in desperate need of money and cash so IF ANYONE or anyone you know is coming down to the Rincon area or up north near the airport or even near Mayaguez and needs ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING; a ride from the airport, rides to the waterfall or any other attractions or to be shown around etc please contact me in a message or a reply here. I will help you get anywhere you want or anything you need for a reasonable fee. Also if anyone that is cool and wants to save some loot and have a bed and room to crash in, you and a friend or two can have my room just gotta kick us a hundred a person for a week and we will take ya with us everymorning wherever we go surfing if you want, we drive north to wildos and middles alot trying to surf the biggest and best waves. Pretty much I just need money to live off of down there and have student loans to pay off every month so help a brother out. I'm talking you need ANYTHING (cough cough) I can make it happen or take you wherever you want. I will make your time in Puerto Rico awesome and give you the local experience and tour. I have lived there before and know my way around and the secret incredible spots for sightseeing/exploring and snorkeling. So starting November 1st if you are coming down or want a spot to crash for a week or so I have a bed for you and we got a couch as well that is open. I am just trying to get by down there without hardly any money saved up. I decided that I have the rest of my life to work my ass off trying to save enough money so I can travel and retire and surf everyday, the exact thing I am going to do now instead. You can't take it(money) with you so live it up now and I want to experience the world and surf while I still have my youth, not when I am near 60 and have worked my whole life to do it.Sorry for rambling but PLEASE HELP a fellow surfer out trying to live in paradise. I know alot of people travel to Rincon to surf so if anyone needs anything or a ride anywhere please message or reply here and I will give you my phone number and we can talk. Thanks. Lets hope its a greatttttt winter. I want some good Tres Days. Oh yeah and we do ding repair for a very good price so if you f up that fresh stick or if you need a stick to rent thats not a piece of ****, hit me up. Hope to see you guys down there but not too many of you. ha

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    Sorry Forum for posting that bull****.