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XANAX. Sorry people, yeah punctuation could have helped and the desperate feeling that I guess came through in what I wrote; Yeah I won't even read it, was in part to a nice bloody/benzo blackout and a scare I got. But to all of the smart ass replies, like prostituting or ending on the corner with a cup or that I'm STRETCH.....cute stuff, real cute. Atleast what I wrote or atleast I think what I wrote had good intentions and was aimed at helping people down there and myself. I'll make sure to dwell on those positive words you all replied with when I'm hucking myself over a ledge on a Tres day. haaa but seriously, I apologize to the forums, I have a bad habit of getting online too late after I take my xanax before I pass out and the results are always interesting.
i definitely give you props for moving over there. enjoy it man