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    check out some nice ones from yesterday yeeew!

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    Quote Originally Posted by live4truth View Post
    Let's get this thread back on track...I had a funeral to attend and missed the afternoon. Was central Jersey better in the afternoon. Morning looked a bit sick, but I couldn't get down...
    Yes it was... Went from a bit sloppy in the AM to glass in the afternoon. Not the biggest surf, but super fun chest high sets. With some bigger mixed in.... Exactly what the report said!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fupafest View Post
    Its official, I'm ordering a Surfline membership!!! Swellinfo is just AWEFUL with their models. Missed yet another swell. Yeah I know I need to be on it with the weather, lows, high pressures blah blah. Plane and simple, I don't have the time to be a surf forcaster thus, the reason I rely on swell info and others. Swellinfo, you need to update your models, they are very off. I will no longer use this as a main forcast page. Yes its free to use but lets not get it twisted, Swell gets paid from advertising on their page and the vaule is in hits. So don't tell me Sh*t that its a free service, it SUCKS!!!
    At least you have a funny screen name.

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    my two friends and i actually discussed this yesterday morning as we were getting barreled silly with hardly anyone else in the water. with the rise of these surf forecast sites people have gotten truly lazy in terms of going down to the beach and checking out the surf. case in point: surfed a usually very busy spot in belmar yesterday with maybe 2 other guys on it from 8am til 2pm. it literally does not get any better than that.

    that being said when i got back in at 4:30 for a little evening session the place was packed as word of the swell got out.

    moral of the story: get off your couch and actually go check it. that or listen to NOAA weather radio. the bouys at 11pm on tuesday night were 10' at 8 seconds. doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that there would be surfed based off of that.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by ChavezYChavez View Post
    Was definitely surprised. Didn't expect to be as good as it was. Nobody owed me anything, I didn't see any baby wipes or turds. I didn't have to knock anyone off their board for dropping in, I didn't debate on the best place to stay in Puerto Rico or debate if it is OK to take a surfboard on the bus. I just Stayed Above the Weather and surfed.
    Glad to hear you were staying above the weather!!

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    Tuesday in RI 7' @ 7. cloudy and gray but nothing like smelling the wood stoves and fireplaces burning when you're in the water.

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    I scored yesterday!!! BUT i didn't get to surf had to be a responsible college student and take my midterms

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    Quote Originally Posted by cackedinri View Post
    Tuesday in RI 7' @ 7. cloudy and gray but nothing like smelling the wood stoves and fireplaces burning when you're in the water.
    i love that too...makes you feel all warm and homey even though its cold lol

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    knee to thigh super clean log jam here on folly...not epic but super lined up and still in boardies!

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    Kinda off topic, but...

    I remember one day surfing, years ago, on a super foggy St. Patrick's Day morning at the Big Cove on Sandy Hook... too foggy to even see the beach from the lineup. I think I was alone, but I couldn't see anyone else even if there was somebody else out. The only thing I could hear, through the thick, wet, cold air, was the sound of bagpipes. Totally surreal... When I got out I followed the sound to find this burly, bearded Irish dude... kilt and all... standing on the rocks, blowing his heart out... just letting it rip into the fog... like he was pining for home.

    THAT was cool...