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    To have a seperate area for this is never going to work because it won't make enough money. It will for 3 months, but for the rest of the time your screwed. There are not enough locals for this to work out in the off season. The only way that it would work would be somewhere like Jolly Rogers. Maybe they would put it as a seperate thing. So it would be part of the park, but a seperate fee. I love the idea and know I would use it alot. I have never tried it, but it looks like alot of fun.Hopefully this all can happen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Truitt View Post
    There's a LARGE indoor park that's been in progress for a couple of years and it's close.

    The pool is 28K sq ft and will trump what Ocean Dome produced. Considering that was built in '92 the technology easily delivers.

    In regard to the Wavehouse. The application that is in a "Wavehouse" is calkled the "Waveloch". It is also a sheet wave like the Flowrider. Just a formed pool to create the hook and the barrel. Some should remember when it was on the Swatch Tour around the globe with Slater, Haukennson, Chris MIller, Bryan, Fletcher etc etc. Quite a while before

    Anyway, Flowrider reps the Wavelochs and should give you all the info. Keep in mind that the Wavehouse is a Franchise and strict adherence to thier program is demanded. Unless they changed. I think Franchise agreemnet was 1.2 million the last time I talked to them. Also, Buddy Jenkins is installing an indoor sheetwave. You may want to follow that up.

    We will not have a sheetwave so there's

    Feasibility is the key. F everything else until you know you can do it on the property you have an agreement on. And if you have 5 mill....form an LLC and then a holding because when the dotted line forms the money seems to dwindle in regards to risk capital. There's a reason there are Qualified and non qualified investors.
    If I knew what I know now I'd be close to opening a year in advance.

    FEASIBILITY. The numbers tell you everything.

    Truitt, are you saying that a ocean dome style surf park is planned for ocean city, md? When and where? And Jolly Rogers(Buddy Jenkins) is puttng in a waveloch like the wavehouse or a flowrider?

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    man i love to have on i would use one everyday if i could and in the summer time i am sure plenty of tourist would use it so get enough money from there but man i would be on that everyday

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    absolutely. you should look into space in west ocean city around the marinas... any property in town is most likely going to be cost prohibitive. have you looked into the insurance required on a venture of this magnitude?

    anywho, good luck. if it goes through, i'll be there to support


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    Truitt: when and where? what paper? don't remember seeing anything like that. I don't think Buddy is that risky either.... I used to work for him

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    If you make it successful then you can turn it into a franchise and I'll buy one up here in Jersey. I don't have the time to start and develop another business, but I would buy a well oiled franchise. Just make sure you give it a really cool name.

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    Cool. I was just interested. I hadn't heard anything about that. If Buddy Jenkins is that far ahead on developing a project of this caliber..... then I would say that anyone else that wants to build one is going to have a real run for his money.

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    Build it, they will come!

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    I surfed a Flow Rider!

    Quote Originally Posted by Truitt View Post
    Has anybody been on a Flowrider? just curious
    It's not that fun. I surfed the opening to the Flowrider in mission beach years ago and when I first got on it felt like I was snow boarding. Rattling, thumpy and at first, nothing like surfing. After I got dumped a few times and I figured it out, I had fun, but it was like skimming. Anyways, it will not survive in OCMD. Places with hi population could hold such a thing. Not around here. No way at all. Your better off opening a Piggly Wiggly. That would rock all of oc!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OBlove View Post
    Your better off opening a Piggly Wiggly. That would rock all of oc!
    And would make it easier to give directions.

    Just go down the road a piece, make a left at The Pig.....