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During his first Tour de France victory, in 1999, Armstrong’s drug of choice, according to the sworn affidavits, was the blood-boosting hormone known as EPO. At that time, there was no test for EPO, which is a cloned form of human hormone rather than a synthetic product. <br /><br />But when rumors began circulating about the arrival of a test for EPO, Armstrong and some of his teammates switched to withdrawing and then reinfusing their own blood. Again, it was a technique initially without a test.<br /><br />Ferrari discovered that when regular, if small, doses of EPO were injected directly into veins rather than under the skin, Armstrong and others could continue using the hormone without fear of a positive test result, the report said.
Anyone still believe this guy? There are overwhelming evidence that proves that he was in fact taking banned substance, or at least he acted in a way to avoid getting detected. It also seems that he's been lawyered up to say that he's "never tested positive in over 500 tests" instead of simply just saying that he never took any banned substances (or banned at the time .... The killer is that his Cancer Charity now primarily just pumps money into promoting the Livestrong Brand, and only a small portion of it actually is spent towards Cancer Research.