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    LOL.....If EVERYONE" was doping,that made it a level playing field. No ? Therefore, he should keep his titles. Simple logic says he enjoyed no advantage, if as they claim, "EVERYONE" was chemically enhanced. But you can always give him another trophy, for using the best combinations of drugs. Anyway, who cares, might be glassy this afternoon...Later

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    Way to change what you said, in what? ...11 minutes. Justify it however you want. Until you can prove what you said, your just a troll who repeats what "he said and she said." Read the reports. There black and white and written on an 8th grade reading level.

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    what, are you blind?

    Let me say, that "I ***was*** a HUGE Lance fan." Not now.

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    Wow intense posts you all. Let me cut through it all for you. First of all he is the best .Lance plus drugs beat all the other lesser talented guys plus drugs. Everyone of those guys in cycling was doping save for some unknown dudes in the back you never heard of. Second of all the guy has done super good and giving things for the less fortunate. And really guys who cares about doping anyway. If officials really cared about it they would prevent it. Our soldiers are dying every day and people are dying in our streets of hunger and illness and this doping thing is an issue ? Let me give you a heads up on another sport called bodybuilding. They have 2 different categories. Natural and the regular (drug) competition. A simple fix I think. Also any dope testing in Professional Surfing? I don't think so but let me know if I am wrong.I care so much about surfers smoking weed etc. It has to stop. A little crystal maybe and you could surf all day. Lets test surfers also if your upset about some bicycles.

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    I have to come clean. I use the juice when I post on here.

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    Longtimerider and Skim dog, you must not have children because if you do, you are sending a very bad message. DOPING IS WRONG is there is no other way around it. Skimdog, whats your point in "If officials really cared about it they would prevent it." Well the USADA is an official and THEY ARE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT so the next generation of cyclists can hopefully have a chance at a clean sport. THE USADA, aka the officials, has a job to stop doping. They have nothing to do with politics, or our armed forces, or the poor and hungry. USADA has tearing down the walls of MANY dirty sports. Their funding is going towards what it is supposed to go after and in this case, the big fish (LA,) got fried. This unjust system as some might say is the same one that took down mobs and many drug rings. Little fish talk so that they can have less repercussians; and clear their throat. Taking down Lance shook the entire endurance sports world. Swimmers, track and field, 100's of olympic sports are all using EPO on this very day. Last week there were 107 new cases of people being convicted from Age-groupers to Elites to Oylmpians. How do we send a message to the next generation that doping is NOT COOL? Fry the big fish. I competed at very high levels of many sports and it's obvious that many athletes like me took both roads. One road is dirty and leads to stardom and eventually failure. The other, the one I chose lead me to some ok results and an education, a family and a very happy life. Lance aint happy right now. High school sports have doping and it's happening right now. High school athletes are being injected by their parents. That is insane. Lance getting fried is sending shock waves through everyone who was taking the "low road." It can turn entire communities into pot holes with one swin of the knife. Doping is wrong and there is no way to justify that it is ok. If you justify that it is ok, you are a sick mother f%*ker and you should be put in a straight jacket and left in a padded room to rot away. I admired Lance for a long, long, long time. He derserves way more punishment then being banned from sanctioned events. I hope livestrong can continue to grow and become a staple in all society.

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    Amen brother! Cheating is cheating and the big fish deserves to fry!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OBlove View Post
    ..and, if you CAN and WILL and have the ability to read the above; there was tons of cover ups. Lance had a great story. Great stories sell. When you sell, EVERYONE can make money off of it. People do stupid **** for money. 500 tests you say? Did you know that EPO can be cleared from the system in less time than a cup of coffee? When USADA knocks on your doors and asks you to piss in the cup or take some blood, you have 4 hours to get home or to open the door. 4 hours? EPO, a.k.a. Edgar Allen Poe as what they called it in the pro peloton, is W W W A A A Y Y Y Y gone from the system. It doesn't take a genius to figure out how to beat the system with a decent doc.
    So blame the system then. Just because I don't agree with you have to call me names? People like you are the problem with today's society, so quick to bad mouth somebody.I get it, hide behind the computer and make yourself feel good by assaulting others. Senior member with a juniors attitude..Look at yourself in the mirror pal!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwj72 View Post
    I have to come clean. I use the juice when I post on here.
    Well you need to track down whoever you got that Juice from and get your money back, because your post are weak.....

    You set em up, I will knock em down......
    This is a joke for any of you with no sense of humor and take some things in life completely out of your control way too seriously. Its great to have an opinion, but you will more than likely never persuade some stranger on a forum that your view point is correct. Save your time trying to persuade, use your time to practice what you believe is right....... go LIVESTRONG and JUST DO IT. Sorry once again had to take a shot, maybe someone will grin about it, which means I affected soemones life in a positive way today, who knew it could be that simple.
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    I like orange juice.