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    photo evidence of me dropping in on...

    ...a bunch of pelicans

    i was on vacation and they were sitting out the back taking all the set waves so i said screw these birds, i'm going! definitely got the stink eye the rest of the session but had to regulate!

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    SNAKED! I came here to regulate

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    But you gotta admit... they do have style!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Wet Monster View Post
    SNAKED! I came here to regulate
    if they had teeth i'd knock them out!

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    If they had teeth there would be a scary thread about man eating pelicans attacking - we would have to deal with paranoia from sharks and airborne predators!

    But then again, it would thin the line ups...

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    Quote Originally Posted by LBCrew View Post
    But you gotta admit... they do have style!
    i know they've been surfing this break a LOT longer than me and are riding the more proper equipment but it's just not cool to sit outside in a pack (flock?) and take all the set waves. clearly, i'd reached my limit with these birds!

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    pelicans don't owe you anything. You did the right thing.

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    F*ck pelicans, they use those wings as a crutch, not very hard when you can fly now is it?

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    You're clearly bigger then these pelicans... that would make you bully. post a gopro video of you dropping in on an adult pterodactyl or dropping in on a real wave. would you drop in on someone your size or larger?
    If that were my pelican, I'd be waiting for you everyday until you showed up again....

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    super sweet man!!!