Hi guys,

I have a 10" Pope Bisect up for trade or sale.
I reside in Singapore and will be making a trip up to Oahu this 24th Nov 2012, with my wife for our 2nd honeymoon.

An avid surf enthusiast , I got this board through a friend in Australia about a few years ago.
Board condition is good , no dings or cracks visible.
Living in Singapore , we do not get any surf and I have to travel up north to Desaru , Malaysia during the monsoon months to get my fix....which happens from Dec to Mar every year.

Driving overland for 90km to literally go to another country to get a ride is not something I can afford to do on a daily basis.
At that point , the Pope would sound like a good idea for ease of transportation.
My regular board is a smaller fish but I would like to trade or sell the Pope to get a proper longboard as a remembrance of my visit to Oahu.

I do not know of any shops or dealers willing to take in the board for a trade.
Was hoping to get a heads up from the guys here , probably you could point me in the right direction.
If I could pre-arrange a shop to take a look at it for a trade or sale, I would bring the board , bag and all with me during my visit.

As mentioned it is still in good condition with everything intact, however I do have a problem with the underside clip. It doesn't catch as easily as before.
Small problem which can be rectified.
I will attach a picture of the board and more pictures are available upon request.
Hope to get some help in locating a shop that might be able to help.
I'll be staying at Lewers Street during my stay on Oahu.

Thanks in advance for any kind of help.

Best Regards,