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Yeah we're all surfers and stuff and you can keep that up when you get married too. Have a kid and its a different story. We're celebrating the 1 year birthday tomorrow. I'm gonna get out in the morning for a bit.

It's true things change when you have a kid but you need to change with them otherwise you're not doing it right. My wife surfs but she hasn't been out much in the past couple months.

Whenever I'm surfing and I see a young kid out there I try to find his parent and ask how old they are. Always turns out they're like 13 or so... I guess I don't know how old kids look anymore. I'm good with toddlers though now.

How young is too young to get them on the board? I'm gonna be pushing my son into waves next summer.

Kinda got off track there, are you gonna get hitched soon? A bit of advice, understand what you like to do and what she likes to do and make sure each of you have time to do it. If you're worried about your............ Wait a second...

From your profile "I do some wood working. Next project is a surfboard. I have 3 young grommets. When I'm not surfing I ride motorcycles or snowboard"

I guess you don't need any advice from me.
It gets better...I have two kids 9yr old girl and 12 yr old boy...They started whrn they were about five or so...My advice is don't push them they will pick it up if they enjoy...Now most of my surfing includes them so I get good Dad credit from the wife and I get my surfing in...