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    It's cold out there!

    Just got my hands on a new hyperflex 4/3. When do you reckon I can start hitting it? Now, late March, April, etc???

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    definitly get out wednesday...great suit, ive got the 5/4/3 but i'm real toasty in it so u should be set with some booties and gloves

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    lets see... february average acording to noaa is upper 30's... march average is low 40's.... and april sees us moving into the 50's.... (mid atlantic averages) but we've been a bit above average all winter, so with any luck we'll hit 50 by the end of the month..... you'll be toasty in the 4/3 by then.... but the above poster is right you'll be fine for a while in the 4/3 now.... especially on a nice day like today : )
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    I wore only a 4/3 for the past 2 years and I was fine year round. I'm definitely more comfortable in my 5/4 I got for this year, but you could definitely manage in a 4/3.

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    I did a 4/3 year round for several years. The Hyperflexes are very warm ( I now have the 5/4/3) and I bet that 4/3 would be fine. Are all the seams sealed in some way, taped?? If so you will be good.

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    I am old and dirty and rock a 4/3 in DE.......nuff said.