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I was at 5 different spots yesterday in Monmouth county. There were def a couple sets in the2 ft overhead range but mostly head high. It was definetly larger in southern mo. Co compared to spots further north. The spots that were real good had a ridiculous crowd on it. I've was seriously shocked at a southern mo. Co spot that's usually smaller than everywhere else was bigger than everywhere else. still don't understand how 3.3 at 10 sec with a sse angle can translate to overhead close out for lots of mo. Co spots, just when we think you have it dialed you get under gunned.
I agree, most spots were shoulder to head high. Some people seem to think I meant every wave was overhead. The spot I observed was a popular jetty just south of deal. Was packed to the brim with people, which is why I surfed one break down, but was definately atleast a foot or 2 overhead on every couple of sets. I have a feeling we saw the same spot. It was strange, breaks just one jetty over were a few feet smaller than the break coming in off of that jetty. Saw quite a few people take some bad falls on the drop, luckily everyone was alright though I believe one guy had his board broken.