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    I should add that looking at Kelly's quads in his quiver for France and Portugal I did not see a nubster. I'm guessing that he has tweaked his quad placement to get the performance he desires without the nubster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gallerysurfboards View Post
    Distance of the rear fins off the rail and distance of the rears from the front fins makes a huge difference in how a quad rides. You can make a quad more thruster-ish by moving the rear fin closer to the stringer and you can increase drive by moving them further from the fronts. The key is finding the right combination for the board and the rider. Fin template can also play a huge part. I would agree with foamdust that if your quads are placed properly and you've got the right template you can get the desired effect without the nubster. Assuming you felt that the nubster added drive through your turns you should be able to gain that effect by moving your rears back a bit. Also a bigger rear template can help. If you felt more centered and less tracky with the nubster you would want to place your rears a bit closer to the stringer.
    I agree with all of this..I currently have four quads. two I shaped myself, one Ashton fish and a Chemistry disk. Moving the rear fins just slightly tailward, and slightly toward the stringer, really seems to stiffen up the feel. Also, swapping out the rear fins has an amazing effect to loosen up the board...going from 3 3/4" rears to 3 1/4" made the Chemistry disk into a completely different board, really better in smaller waves.

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    Don't buy one, make one! Most of us have plenty of old composite center fins (any template) lying around. All you need is a jigsaw (heck, any saw will work), and a sander (or even sandpaper).

    Here's how I made mine in one afternoon:

    Step one... Go into your local surf shop with a pencil and paper. Ask to see the Knubster. Trace the outline onto the paper and get a good feel for the foil thickness and taper.

    Step two... cut the paper template out and trace onto your old center fin with pencil/marker

    Step three... clamp down the fin to a sawhorse (your deck, stairs, etc.) and saw out the template. It will be ugly and blocky, no worries, move on to....

    Step four... sanding. Using a power sander, you can polish your knubster down to retail quality in less than 30 minutes. If you don't have a power sander, grab some 80 grit sandpaper and sand the thing down by hand while you're sitting in front of your favorite surf video, Monday Night Football, Jersey Shore (whatever floats your boat). You may want to finish the final sanding with 220 grit for a nice smooth surface.

    Viola, KNUBSTER!

    My homemade knubster is a nearly perfect copy of the FCS version, except for the color. Since making the first, I've made a couple more of my own template just to see if I can feel the variation (not really).

    Funniest part is that I don't really like any of them!! I'm back on the good 'ol thruster, back-foot power surfing all the way. I guess that we can't all be Kelly...

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    I remember someone saying they made one when I stated in a different post I was gonna buy one. I'm going to make a slightly larger(height) one so I can ditch the rear fins and ride it as a tri but with the smaller center fin for groveling. Its kinda fun playing with all the combinations.

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    ^putting a knub on a tri in really small or weak waves is like something I would do. I'm running a G-S trailer right now and it works fine up to head high (even with smaller M-5 sides).

    Might buy a knub when "bandwagon" prices go down. (I'd make my own if I had a throw-away fin lying around...but I don't)

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    Quote Originally Posted by superbust View Post
    I feel you 100% my man, I got the nub to be a trailer on my 7S superfish and its the perfect fix. My board isnt squirrely like it was as a twin and not as stiff as a traditional thruster. Its the perfect medium. Not to mention its a cheap little fin. Go KELLY!
    WOW...i doubt if your riding a 7S you can feel the difference with the Knubster. Your not taking that thing out on overhead beachbreak SMH

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    Why people would think a piece of equipment is going to make them surf like kelly is beyond me. Hop off the bandwagon and hire a surf coach. Learn HOW TO SURF, and what to surf when. Kelly needs dialed in equipment because his career depends on it. The best way to put it is, for example. Olympic swimmers need every advantage at that level b/c the compition is so high. On the other hand, a high school swimmer thinking he is going to put on Phelps brand googles and swim faster is just trippin. Technique is 90% of of ripping!!!

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    Damn FUPAFEST bitter much!? You dig up a 6 month old thread to insult a persons board then proceed to insult everyone who posted in the thread! NJSHREDMACHINE can give up his crown.... we have a new douche!

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    i have one and it works,i think,but my shaper and glasser think it's too small to make a noticeable shaper thinks the same thing about those widowmaker side fins.