If you're after snap resistance, heavy glass on deck and bottom. But if you just beat the crap out of your decks, and you're not stress cracking your bottoms, just reinforce the deck. One thing to avoid is going something like 6/6 deck, 4 bottom. Then crazy things start happening with shear inside the core. Keep your deck and bottom glass schedules relatively balanced. If you're beating your decks up only under your feet (foot wells) patches will help a lot. I've gone to doing hourglass shaped patches... front foot, back foot, and a strip down the stringer to beef up snap resistance. Saves weight and give you reinforcement where you need it. But if you don't mind the added weight (you're right about added drive and follow through) 6/6 deck or 6/4 deck and 6 bottom, or 6/4 deck and 4 bottom, either one with fully wrapped rails and foot patches is what you should tell your shaper.

You do have a shaper, right? ;-)