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    Thumbs up Prepare for winter season on NS to surf pipe- extend your breath hold

    Have you ever wanted to surf on the north shore but are afraid that you will get held under too long.
    Even pro surfers like Sunny Garcia and Jamie O'brien have turned to FII freediving instruction to help give them that edge of a longer breath hold and to gain confidence surfing bigger waves.

    Check out (FII Freediving Certification in Hawaiian Islands) to learn how to hold your breath longer, dive deeper, and to build confidence in the water.
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    Link doesn't work

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    Quote Originally Posted by StuckontheGulf View Post
    Link doesn't work
    Sorry please try it now- Fixed Link

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    or buy an Expand-a-Lung device from ebay, about $30

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    Quote Originally Posted by tropic surfer View Post
    or buy an Expand-a-Lung device from ebay, about $30
    The expand a lung is not a tool for properly extending your breath hold and you can just limit your breathing with your lips instead of buying a $30 gimic (expand-a-lung). The Freediving courses I teach were created by Martin Stepanek 13 time world record holder and the first man to do a constant weight dive over 400ft. The techniques that he used in breaking these world records I will be teaching in my course. I have personally been certified and trained by Martin Stepanek ( FII).

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    Thank you for your interest. I can host one more course before I leave back to Oahu for Nov. 3rd and 4th as I have a few other students that are very interested as well. I will be leaving on the 2nd week of November to Oahu to get ready for another course I'm hosting on Nov. 24th and 25th. Please let me know if this will accommodate your schedule and which one you are able to sign up. Here are my course listings, FII Level 1 freediver or click the Sign up button on
    Aloha, Dan