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    wintertime ocean or mountains?

    seems like there's a lot more winter surfers these days so i'm wondering: where do you spend more time in the winter - in the ocean or in the mountains? conditions have to be close to perfect for me to paddle out this time of year (yeah, it's winter already up here) and that don't happen much. so i'm getting ready for the backcountry stoke. took this pic yesterday driving over turnagain pass. i'll be skinning up the peak on the right tomorrow if the weather stays good. anybody else stoked for some pow?<br />IMG_2730.jpg

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    Yeah man... nice thing about snowboarding is that you can do it whenever you have some time off, as long as there's some snow on the mountains. (which all my local resorts make sure there is throughout the prime months)

    During the winter I pretty much head up to the mountains every day I can - however for me that equates to 2ish hour - 3ish hour drive, so I have to dedicate a full day to it. Nice thing about surfing is my local break is about 20 minutes away, so I can still do other things during the day.

    It all depends on the conditions though. If I see an awesome swell coming in and it hasn't snowed in a while, I'd take a surf day over a mountain day. Like you said though, it's gotta be pretty good though for me to paddle out in 38 degree water. (I live in NY)

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    if i lived someplace w/ real snow like you do, cresto, i'd prob. spend more time up in the mountains. as it is, living where i do, i definitely spend more time in the ocean. i've had a few days where i surfed one day then snowboarded the next; my ultimate winter goal is to do both in one day...not an easy feat when the nearest mountain is 2-3 hours away.

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    I haven't surfed much in winter since I discovered snowboarding 6 years ago (got a nice little resort, 2 hours away, gets tons of powder). However, that first year, I had several weeks in which I both surfed and snowboarded. Pretty good cross-training, actually.

    If I lived in alaska, there's no way I'd surf in winter...snowboarding in powder is almost as good, imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by waterbaby View Post
    snowboarding in powder is almost as good, imo.
    The never ending wave. It's how Gerry Lopez get's his fix these days.

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    Pow pow <3

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    I used to snowboard a handful of time per winter, its about 3 hours to the mountains. I haven't gone since beginning winter surfing though, and there's surf about 35 mins from where I live. I love surfing the winter... With the correct gear it's a trip being toasty warm and surfing great conditions with about 4 others people out. Also, $50 of fuel and outrageous lift ticket prices make the snowboarding less enticing.

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    I get anxiety when hills start and i know im
    far from the ocean. haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by hanna View Post
    this^ between lift tickets, lodge prices, accommodations etc, the cost of skiing spiraled out of control long ago, particularly for a family of any size. if i'm gonna spend a couple of hundred $'s a day, might as well hop a plane and go surfing somewhere warm.
    I'm with you RT to PR for $250 show me the swell!!

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    Both as much as possible. No other priorities.