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    I get cold easy and like being comfy. Thanks a lot of the feedback. I ended up getting myself a 5mm and no liquid taped seals. Just glued and blind stitched and regular spot taping

    P.s. Hey mitchell how can you possibly be too warm in 30 or 20 degree weather with water temps in the upper 30s for a 5/4? I'm cold and miserable just walking around in that air temp with a jacket and a sweater. Forget 39 degree water. I'm not dying walking around inside my house with my 5mm on. Only a little hot(air temp in the house in the low 60s). With all this stretch neoprene I don't see what the big deal about going a little thicker is. It's just more comfortable to go thicker. Honestly I think they should make 6/4mm suit with no permanently attached hood. Plus having an attached hood makes one more thing that has to fit just right on a wetsuit. I like attaching one better personally. Gives me more versatility. I get cold easy obviously.
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