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but if you're 18 and finishing 2nd in ASP events I don't think you have much to get pissed about.
& this mindset is what separates those who will succeed at a given endeavor & those that won't...say what you will about sharing the line up w/ brazzos & medina's style (personally, i hate it...ugliest thing in surfing & i think medina's a one-trick pony), but they have a passion & drive to succeed that puts them head & shoulders above the coddled, spoiled young american pros who get everything handed to them from the moment they can link 2 turns together. outside of john john florence, there is not a single young pro on the tour capable of winning the title in the 10-15 years. not one. the brazzos, on the other hand...they are hungry as hell & the up & comers have to fight their way to the top. medina's just the tip of the iceburg. to paraphrase matt biolos, the young american pros need to put down the iphones, quit posting on the blog, & start entering contests.
now, does that make the way medina behaved, crying, ripping his sponsor's hat off his head, stomping off the podium, etc...acceptable? not at all...the height of unsportsmanlike conduct. but, as i noted, he's passionate, driven, & was bitterly disappointed. anyone remember when kolohe andino literally punched the nose off his board at the trestles contest? or how about slater's board punching days? medina'll learn. & when he does...watch out. i may not like his style, but he's going to win a title or 2 & soon.