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    The best surf trip out there is Namotu Fiji!

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    if you're going to costa in summer (especially may) expect bigger surf. if you want consistency I would go oct-jan. Learn some basic spanish if you don't already. Bring more clothes than you need (old shirts, shorts, hats, etc you don't wear can bring some good karma if you give them to the locals) and even a beater board if you're feelin froggy. There are so many option in central america, so don't just limit yourself to cr or nica. check out el salvador and panama as well.

    if money and time aren't an issue then the best surf trip out there would be to follow the WCT for a season. Which will be what I do for a year when I win that mega millions jackpot.

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    If you're going to CR to surf Summer is the "on season"

    Quote Originally Posted by waterbaby View Post
    just about everything about that area is sketchy. Just trying to get to a surf spot is a trek. For instance, in CR, you have to fly out on the equivalent of a twin prop winnebago to get to any of the good surf towns (or drive forever on some sketchy roads with a lot of drunk drivers)...bring a parachute, a barf bag and immodium/pepto bismol.

    Then, you have to deal with all the drunks, thieves, crack heads, drug mules and criminal fugitive ex-pats hiding out there.

    There's usually a couple of crowded spots near the towns, but places like witches rock are in the middle of nowhere...another long ass, bumpy drive or boat ride (the wave is damn prefect, least, in winter)

    Summer is the "off-season" down there. It rains torrentially almost every day and the winds are frequently wonky. You will get surf, but not the premium CR experience.

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    1- hoglog is on point, that or the mentawai's
    2- if you cant find empty lineups in centro you are doing it wrong (granted its been 10 years, but I surfed with just my buddy, a lot for a month in nica)
    3-between CR and Nica (like choosing between the fatty and the ugly one with glasses) Nica has offshore winds almost all day erryday while Costa doesnt have that going for it.

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    Are you limited to centro america? What about Australia or Europe? Europe in late summer early fall can be damn good too. They get hurricane swells. If the surf sucks, you're in Europe!

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    Always wanted to try Ireland myself. Saw a movie about it once and the waves looked world class.

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    Lightbulb cold water

    Quote Originally Posted by littlerhody View Post
    empty lineups hahah. not anywhere in central america. go to cold water youll get better waves with empty lineups and youll get epic points. costa rica is all kooks. place is packed. your better off peru.
    peru has 3x the surf of ca. i've done both many times. said this before but if its about
    'the trip' then ca but if its about 'surfing' then peru mucho mejor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by leethestud View Post
    there are places in costa where you will be surfing so alone it's scary, and that may be 5 minutes down the road from a major surf hub like dominical... oh it just might...

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    Indo would probably be the best trip out there. Like everyone else said Nicaragua is very crowded now but the all day offshores help make up for it. Two of the more fun and cheaper trips I've taken were to the Azores and Morocco.

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    I would have to say that Nicaragua is a little more advanced surfing then Costa. Not as empty as you might think though. There's a lot more reef and rocks in Nica and most breaks are a little more serious then some of the ones you may find in Costa. You'll definitely get some good surf that time of year in either place though.

    Like the other poster mentioned, there's not a whole lot of night life in Nica, great if you're going to just surf but as far as other activities Costa would be the better of the two. Accessibility wise Costa would also be the better choice. Its quite a trek to the beach and breaks from the airport in Nica and getting around is a little tougher. If Witches is where you are wanting to go you can actually fly right into Liberia which is just a hop, skip and a jump from there! Its way more easier and less hassle then flying into San Jose. Customs is a breeze and you're outta there a few minutes after you land! Its about 20-30 minutes from Tamarindo and Playa Grande. From there you can shoot up to Witches Rock. Landing in San Jose and renting a car then driving up north would be an all day affair!

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