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Thread: Trip thus far

  1. I hope that all my friends in Jersey and New York are coping well, my family in Ocean City got hit pretty hard, but everyone is safe. I got the third week of my trip posted up if anyone is down to read, feel free!

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    Remind me again what this has to do with surfing?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by cresto4 View Post
    Remind me again what this has to do with surfing?
    AH my bad, I didn't realize all surfers only cared about surfing. Next time Ill be sure to warn everyone that my website isn't a story about what size board you should ride or about some kook dropping in on me.

    Regardless, we have been on the road a month and made it to our new hometown in utah. I scored in big sur (yes surfing, imagine that cresto), skated some fun parks, and overall had a blast. Ill have the rest of the trip up in the coming days. (but be warned close minded individuals, it has little surfing and more traveling in it)

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    Good for you guys, great blog. Drove cross country for a few weeks last year and it was a great experience. Life on the road is awesome, if I had the money I'd probly live a nomadic lifestyle. Utah is Tits, enjoy!