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im also lookin at schools that have decent surf in the area but all the majority of the lists for schools near surf are all west coast what are some east coast schools? 3.8 weighted gpa and 1700 sat score. looking at school for some sort of good finance programs or business administration type program
For east coast if you don't mind a little cold, there are some great point breaks to surf in New England - check out URI, UNH, and USM (Southern Maine). Not to mention the mountains are close by. UNH has a good business program btw, but URI can be a tad more consistent because Cape Cod doesn't block some of the swell.

Besides those there are the obvious NC and FL schools to look at. Also if you wanted to keep it local Richard Stockton is a great option.

The Hawaii idea is great if you're ok with never coming home for the holidays as that can get pricey.

And as others have said don't worry too much about the major. Most people change majors at least once. And then when you graduate you will find that most people find a job that is related to the major, but not directly applicable.