Hey all I just was thinking a lot of surfing communities get bad reps for being "aggro". I find most people are cool and very helpful as I was learning and even now as I'm getting more interested in shaping other shapers that I never met before and they all have been awesome by letting me put my blank order on theirs to save me 140 plus shipping everytime. I've also been lucky enough to talk to one who when I first started let me watch him shape and coached me through my first all at no profit to them so I'm glad in my 18 years of life yes I'm young I've been lucky to meet such great people! Great attitudes like that are the reason i got hooked on surfing and now shaping just ordered 4 more blanks and I'd sure like to order more before this winter is over! Random post I know rip me if you want.. just saying those who help always seem happier in the water.