Echoing what ridewaves said, Stockton is a solid choice, especially for fall and winter surf. My sister went there. I'm from South Jersey, so it depends on where you're from, tuition etc. A growing school for sure, 20 minutes from AC's beaches, a 30-mile trip up the parkway to Long Beach Island. Plenty of summer jobs too if you're not from the area and plan to stick around for the summer. Also have a few friends who surf and who went to the University of Rhode Island. One studied Marine Engineering and works in the surf industry now. He loved it there. Good surf communities in both places. Hope this helps.
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I go to Stockton, and while there is no surf club, there are a lot of us who surf the many locations close to campus. There are so many great places to surf. Besides the fact that Stockton has a great Environmental Science program and that I am going to school for half price, the proximity to the beach was the deciding factor for me going here. It was my only choice; I didn't apply anywhere else. It's the cheapest option as opposed to moving out of state, but this is just my two cents.