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    Thinking about a few colleges...UNCW, Coastal Carolina, Stockton, TCNJ maybe... Does anyone have any recommendations for a good surf community school or with surf teams/etc. Just looking for a school that has a large population of similar minded beach goers, spongers, surfers... Not looking to go any further than SC and East Coast preferably. Thanks oh and I live in NJ near Manasquan if that gives better insight.
    I live a stones throw from you. Went the Brookdale route and I'm commuting to Monmouth now.

    Personally, I love it but it's probably not the popular opinion- commuting. Monmouth is expensive though commuting really saves a lot and I probably wouldn't be going there without a generous scholarship either.

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    I'd recommend Monmouth U or UNCW. I have a buddy at TCNJ who hasn't seen the beach since the day he left. I personally went to Brookdale by choice and I catch most swells. The work does pile up, though, and I've missed plenty of good days. Just food for thought.