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post all sandy info in this thread to eliminate the clutter.

just checked out the cocoa beach cams.....**** is going offffff
my cousin lives in cocoa beach she showed me some videos at the beach.just windy as hell and some chop on the seas.i just checked the satelite outlook n it looks like it downgraded to a ts.well my cuz n pregnant neice are doin ok n theyr feelin the brunt of it right now.i live in jersey n it looks like monday through wednesday will be inland.im just questioning when will be the best period to go to the beach.my wettie got stolen a few weeks ago so i wont be surfin but il be taken flix.it doesnt look like the storm will stay offshore n give us a good period of offshore winds n swell.id like to head to the beach sunday evening if its possible.looks like its going to clean up wednesday,thursday,but im lookin for a minimum 8-10ft surf to shoot.at the beach we're lookin at some erosion and a little flooding.thanks to the continental shelf we wont be flooded out completely