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    surf city, nj

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    P1050979.jpgP1050963.jpg pics from this morning

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    Anybody trying to do some tow ins at lake Erie calling for 18-23 footers?

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    Hey staystoked, what part of NJ is that dude LBI ?

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    here is a working webcam http://***

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    ****ing cops Nazis preventing any access to dune road long island. everything is blocked w asshole cops saying the beach us closed. Beach is never closed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by super fish View Post
    the base i work at is pretty much completely flooded. saved 2 people out of 2 cars that were chest high in water. idiots,

    i just checked the cams...damn guys, all of our beaches are effed in all possible ways. its basically tripple overhead from here in vb the entire way up to jersey
    I'm pretty new to the game, a little over a year, can you super (or anyone) give me a little insight into the long term effects storms like this have on our beaches/breaks? I know they can wipe out sandbars and stuff, but do they build others? How long does it take for things to get back to "normal"? Thanks guys, stay safe.

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    holy sh^t thats horrible...washed up all the way to the dunes

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    long beach island nj. located like in the middle of nj. facing southest

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    thanks for the updates guys keep em coming if you can and be safe!