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Thread: saturday!!

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    any ideas? i no its going to be chopy waht about northside?

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    Regarding Saturday-

    Oh ye of little faith.

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    Delaware not gettin it.
    LBI on sun morn,
    the windswell will move up there and stay longer. Waist/chest and clean
    30 degrees with hard offshores

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    well lets hope so hopfully mother nature will put the winds west and have a solid 8ft swell =D. and wendsday was a blast wow!!!
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    if you know where to look, Sat. should be fun, at least in the afternoon.<<even with on shore winds. Looking like a good hard wind swell if the forecast holds. I am thinking only three spots working though. Sunday may be a typical get it early, or not at all. It tends to fade fast with a high tide just past, offshores and a dropping swell. >>This being the Delmarva area.