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    Wednesday surf NJ

    Tomorrow should be nuts, but what are you thoughts on the slabs of concrete, metal poles and chunks of boardwalk that may impale us while we get slotted in 6 foot+ shacks?
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    yah its a bit sketchy right now, not even the fact that you wont be able to access half of the ocean (legally/safely at least)

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    everyone be careful, we don't need to add any fallen surfers to list of casualties and catastrophes; but if you surf i hope you guys score.

  4. how is manasquan iam trying to score 2maro hope i can make out there

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    Not that Loch A needs anymore surfers there but it does not have a boardwalk so it MAY not be as hazardous as Seaside or Belmar--I'm glad the debris issue is being brought up because its heavy on my mind but still want to hit it..
    Its not a joke, there will a ton of junk and sewage out there.

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    Bout to check some spots with a few buds. Sadly,Not expecting waves over head high. post reports, pics, or any info you gather throughout the day about the waves and debris factor. Sh*ts annoying but be safe and cautious ..
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    I checked spts yesterday from deal to lb in hopes to find an access point in. Spots around the Phillips jetty may be accessible at a lower tide and walking through a back yard but once it comes in you're going to have to climb up the rockwall. Not sure if it's worth the risk or a possible ticket.

    Thinking about trying asbury but don't want to be driving around wasting gas when you can't fill up anywhere.

    Hope ppl share some info on this bc after a rough couple days it would be nice to get in the water and get my mind off things and i'm sure a lot of you would as well. Wind is finally favorable

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    i've been told they're not letting anybody into manasquan. i live there, and have evacuated up to a friends house 2 hours away in new york. he has power so no rush to get back, and i work for myself, and am not doing anything this week. my girl's place of business is closed also. i've seen pictures of first ave in manasquan, and it didn't look good. don't know if they cleaned it up yet, but it literally looked like feet of sand blown into the street.

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    looking at oc cam looks like dog beach to me :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by donkeypunch View Post
    looking at oc cam looks like dog beach to me :/
    oc nj? or oc maryland? all the cameras on the surfers view seem to be out. i'm on there now to see if any have came back up. sea isle city was working yesterday. it's working today also. doesn't look too too bad, but you can't see anything on shore because the camera doesn't pan all the way around.